Hello and welcome to Unique and Underground :)
You might wonder who is the mind behind this. I'm glad you ask, my name is Xavier. I'm a 20 year black male and an aspiring entrepreneur from Richmond, Virginia.  Growing up I had many many peers of mine start small businesses with tremendous ideas in hopes to take them too the next level but, were rarely able too. One of the reasons I believe led to this, was the ultimate lack of exposure. Along with that, whether it was on the basketball court, or in a business environment. Nothing ever gave me more joy in life than seeing my peers and partners surpass me. With that same drive to see other people succeed as well as of having possible solution the idea "Unique N' Underground" was born.

Our Contribution

Here at Unique n' Underground, the ultimate plan is to bridge the gap that small business owners often times run into. Provide a way to give small clothing brands from all over, North to South and East to West. Reasonably priced advertising and traffic to provide a stable business to future entrepreneurs.

End Goal

Nothing would make the team here at Unique N' Underground more satisfied than to have thousands of brands being mass marketed by the website.